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May I visit your Garden? You may visit mine.

I have a garden. More on that later. Right now, you may be sharing an apartment with your friends. You may also be staying with your parents while looking for a job. Or… …renting a sweet condominium with your girlfriend. …staying in your little single room in the big city. …living in a comfortable landed […]

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The best way to have good luck

Many people believe that the only remaining thing they need is luck. Only luck is standing between success and them. Nothing else. They think that with luck, they will secure their jobs. With luck, their projects would be successful. Or their customers will choose their products. Or the media will spread their news. Or they […]

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If you don’t make decision…

Decision making isn’t easy. The pressure that comes with decision making is huge. Big or small, everyone makes decisions since young. When I was 10, I had to decide whether to join Badminton Club or Basketball Club in my primary school. It was kind of stressful (at that time) because I knew joining each of them […]

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Future: Are you a fortune teller?

Are you a fortune teller? Probably not. Otherwise, you would already know what I’m exactly writing about and you won’t end up reading this blog. See, we’re not fortune tellers. We’re ordinary people. That means we can’t know exactly what will happen in future. Do you know what will you be doing exactly at 10.03 […]

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The only person you can rely on

It seems like everyone out there is trying to help you. To make you rich. “I can make you rich. As soon as you deposit X amount of money into my account, a solid return of 20% will be guaranteed.” To make you fit. “I can help you get six-pack. Buy this product with just RM999 and […]

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