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Hi! I am Dylan Woon.

I am an educator, avid learner and a global citizen based in Malaysia.

Thank you for stopping by.

What am I doing now?

In short, I am learning to be both a masterpiece and work in progress at the same time.

Specifically, I am:

  • Building, growing my education center for Malaysian high school students.
  • Writing to help you achieve your greatest potential.
    • You may check out my  articles here and on Quora.
  • Actively learning differently subjects to:
    • Improve my thinking, and
    • Expand my perspectives.
  • Connecting with like-minded individuals.
    • Are you one of them?
  • Slowly (Pretty slowly, actually) building income streams.
    • I believe luck is the combined result of preparation and opportunities.
  • Playing badminton, jogging, hiking.
  • Practicing mindfulness.

Why do I write?

  • To crystallize my thoughts into words.
  • To interact with ardent and like-minded readers like you.
  • To live. Yeah, writing is gradually becoming my way of living. Loving it.

How do I write?

  • I write what I think, and I think what I write.
  • Minimal to zero fluff. Your time is valuable.
  • Moderate length, self-reflective, practical.

Do I monetize my website?

  • So far, no.
  • I focus on thinking and writing.
  • My newsletters are completely free too.
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My Career and Education Background

  • Former Business Analyst, the Boston Consulting Group (BCG).
  • Bloomberg Campus Ambassador, Bloomberg Institute.
  • Chemical Engineering Graduate, University Malaya, Malaysia.
  • Completer of Data Science Specialization (MOOC), Johns Hopkins University.

Let’s connect

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