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The best way to have good luck

Good Luck

Many people believe that the only remaining thing they need is luck.

Only luck is standing between success and them. Nothing else.

They think that with luck, they will secure their jobs.

With luck, their projects would be successful.

Or their customers will choose their products.

Or the media will spread their news.

Or they will hit the jackpot.

Or whatever.

It’s understandable to hope for luck.

All of us want to have good luck. (That’s why we wish others “good luck”.)

Obviously, none of us would reject luck when we could have it. If luck is right in front of me, I’ll accept it graciously too.

However, I’d like to raise a controversial point. I don’t think HOPING for good luck is good. Instead, it drains you and pulls you down.


If you think about hope and worry, you’ll realize that they have something in common.

When you hope or worry, you want something outside your control.

In other words, instead of taking practical actions, you put your future into the hands of hope – something you can’t control.

  • “I hope that this plan would work…”
  • “I hope the person will look up to me…”
  • “How happy I would be if they purchase my products…”

The time you spend clinging on hope is exactly the time wasted. You should be taking actions instead. Even resting is better than hoping or worrying. At least it re-energizes you.

Remember, time is your most important asset. Don’t squander it.

Here’s a realistic and powerful way to look at luck:


“Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” — Seneca

The best way to have good luck is by having preparation.  So whenever an opportunity presents itself, you’re able to grab it boldly and confidently.

Instead of hoping (or worrying), invest your precious time in preparation. The habit of having ample preparation pays you dividends in the long run.

Some tips and reminders about preparation:

  • Don’t half-ass your preparation. Put serious thoughts and massive into it.
  • Being over-prepared is better than under-prepared.
  • Identify the preparations needed as accurately as possible.
  • Align the preparation with your strengths and tendencies.
  • Preparation is a marathon, not a sprint.
  • Be macro-patient, micro-aggressive.
  • Preparation often requires learning. Learn how to learn as well.
  • Understand yourself. Understand your psychology and thinking patterns.

There are many parts which make up great preparation. That’s why most people can be prepared, but rarely well-prepared.

If you’re well prepared, you’ll attract opportunities. It’s only a matter of time.

So in a way, yes, I’m saying that luck is important.

But so is preparation.

Don’t fool yourself by thinking all people succeed consistently due to luck. What you often see is only the tip of the iceberg. You gotta put in the work. You must raise your standards and capabilities.

Otherwise, you’re not different from a gambler, who hopes that his luck is good enough so he can win money at the casino.

Be someone who attracts opportunities.

If luck is the only thing you can depend on, then the odds are really against you…


Together we improve,
Dylan Woon

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