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Personal Development

May I visit your Garden? You may visit mine.

I have a garden. More on that later. Right now, you may be sharing an apartment with your friends. You may also be staying with your parents while looking for a job. Or… …renting a sweet condominium with your girlfriend. …staying in your little single room in the big city. …living in a comfortable landed […]

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The best way to have good luck

Many people believe that the only remaining thing they need is luck. Only luck is standing between success and them. Nothing else. They think that with luck, they will secure their jobs. With luck, their projects would be successful. Or their customers will choose their products. Or the media will spread their news. Or they […]

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Future: Are you a fortune teller?

Are you a fortune teller? Probably not. Otherwise, you would already know what I’m exactly writing about and you won’t end up reading this blog. See, we’re not fortune tellers. We’re ordinary people. That means we can’t know exactly what will happen in future. Do you know what will you be doing exactly at 10.03 […]

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Tip of Iceberg

Tip of the iceberg Meaning: A small evident part or aspect of something largely hidden. Some people are incredibly confident. They know what they stand for and aren’t swayed by trivial matters. Their confident attitude makes people trust him, and that makes them even more confident. Some people are eloquent speakers or writers. They communicate their message […]

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Easy to think

It’s easy to think… It’s easy to think about starting things. It’s easy to think about doing things. Also, It’s easy to think about completing things. That’s why most people MERELY think about those things… But hardly taking any action. See… Thinking is a power tool that only humans have. But it’s also easily misused. Thinking […]

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