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Future: Are you a fortune teller?

Are you a fortune teller?

future fortune

Probably not.

Otherwise, you would already know what I’m exactly writing about and you won’t end up reading this blog.

See, we’re not fortune tellers.

We’re ordinary people.

That means we can’t know exactly what will happen in future.

Do you know what will you be doing exactly at 10.03 am and 4.54 pm tomorrow?

Probably not.

I don’t know too. (Perhaps even the fortune teller don’t know…)

We don’t have any crystal ball that can show us the future.

So, are visionaries and successful people fortune tellers?

No too.

Visionaries and successful people succeed not because they can anticipate the future with 100% accuracy.

Instead, it’s because they (still plan) and know how to fine-tune their execution along the way.

Successful people often do the three things below:

  1. They get a big picture (planning)
  2. They move towards that direction consistently (execution),
  3. They adjust according to changing circumstances (adaptation).

Bear in mind that they still plan and visualize the future. Not doing these would be synonymous to committing suicide.

But they rarely assume that the plan and visualization would work in the way they expect. That would be disastrous.

In other words, they plan and visualize to establish a baseline for their actions.

So when something change, they know how much it changes.

Knowing the extent of change itself is already a kind of powerful and valuable feedback.

In short, successful people plan, execute and adapt. The best books in the world report similar behavior about successful people too.

If you really think about it, great planning, execution and adaptation takes effort, knowledge and wisdom. That’s when personal development comes in…

It’s time to take your personal development seriously.


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