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Hello Instant Gratification, Bye.

We’re living in the age of instant gratification.

instant gratification i want it now

Instant gratification is about wanting everything NOW.

Today, the advancement of technology has taken instant gratification to a whole new level.

Whether we know it or not, the DNA of instant gratification runs deeply in our blood.

Feeling hot? Turn on the air-conditioner, instantly.

Feeling hungry? Buy that burger, instantly.

Feeling bored? Watch that YouTube video, instantly.

Feeling lonely? Post that Facebook status, instantly.

Feeling motivated? Create success, instantly. (Huh?)

And right there, you’ve just created the greatest joke of all time – creating success instantly.

See, we all know success takes time.

Great things take time. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Hey, even creating a baby takes time…

You can’t create a baby in a month by forcing 9 women to get pregnant at once.

Intellectually, we agree that success requires time. Yet, we behave very differently in real life.

We expect success to happen immediately, because we’ve been conditioned and surrender to instant gratification.

So, how can we combat instant gratification, especially if we want to achieve something great in the long run?

The first thing we can do, perhaps, is to observe the way we look for instant gratification.

Think about why these things exist in the first place: Facebook, Instagram, WeChat, email, food, games, videos, movies, sofa, beds, comics, cigarettes, drugs, parties, alcohol.

They exist to make you feel better – in the short run. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

The conundrum however, arises when you’re  addicted to instant gratification.

It traps you in the never-ending pursuit of the-next-comfortable-thing.

Before you know it, you’ve thrown your long terms plan out of the window.

Because they don’t seem to matter anymore.

But they definitely do…Long term plans do matter.

And the only way to execute long term plans is to free yourself up from at least 80% of the instant gratification you’re seeking everyday.

If you’re serious about real growth, start thinking deeply about long term plans today.

Practice delayed gratification. Say bye to instant gratification.

Bye, instant gratification.


Dylan Woon is an entrepreneur, educator and avid learner based in Malaysia. From time to time, he also writes about Personal Development and other topics to help people achieve their greatest potential through his website and Quora.



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