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If you don’t make decision…

Decision making isn’t easy. The pressure that comes with decision making¬†is huge.

decision making

Big or small, everyone makes decisions since young.

When I was 10, I had to decide whether to join Badminton Club or Basketball Club in my primary school. It was kind of stressful (at that time) because I knew joining each of them would provide me very different exposures.

When I was in university, I had to decide whether to prioritize my academics or personal development. Should I make it 50:50? 60:40? or 80:20? Again, the decision making was rather stressful because I knew different decisions would lead to different outcomes.

Now, I decide how to make the best use of my time. Everyday, I’m taking small yet bold decisions to propel myself towards the right direction. I want to make sure that I’m consistently:

  • Providing real value through my education center
  • Advancing my other projects
  • Learning external knowledge
  • Learning internal knowledge (personal development)
  • Enjoying life in the “right” way

I take decision making seriously. After all, I’m owning my life with full responsibility and I don’t want squander my precious time. I want to improve myself (and I enjoy it). I don’t want to make obviously stupid decisions that ruin my life.

Or my family’s life.

Or even my friends’ lives.

From this point of view, decision making does play a huge role in your life. Making decision is like setting the trajectory for you to follow through. Set the correct trajectory and you’ll be moving closer to you goals (despite occasional mistakes). Set the wrong trajectory, the harder you work, the worse the outcomes you get.

When making decision carries certain burden and responsibility, it’s way easier for people to delay their decision making.

  • Should I do A or B? I’ll decide tomorrow.
  • Should I call person A or person B? I’ll decide after this week.
  • Should I learn the skill? If yes, how should I go about it? Well…there are too many things to think about…I’ll decide next month.
  • Should I keep moving forward or adjust my direction? Well…maybe I shouldn’t think about that now. I’ll decide next year.

Before people notice, they already squander weeks, months or even years away simply because they delay their decisions.


If you don’t make any decision, you’re still making a decision. You decide not to make any decision.

And there is cost to pay…


Together we improve,
Dylan Woon

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