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May I visit your Garden? You may visit mine.

I have a garden. More on that later.

Right now, you may be sharing an apartment with your friends.

You may also be staying with your parents while looking for a job.


…renting a sweet condominium with your girlfriend.

…staying in your little single room in the big city.

…living in a comfortable landed house with your family.

No matter where you’re staying in, I’d like to tell you this:


What? A garden?

Yes, a garden. You own this garden completely.

No one else does.

Don’t you believe me? Look for the garden yourself. Try it.

No, it’s not behind your house…

No, it’s not 5 minutes away from the place you stay…

And no, it’s not the land your parents leave for you… (even though you may be lucky enough to inherit land from them.)

It’s right there – in your MIND.


And it’s fully owned by you. No one else.

Your mind is a garden because it’s used to grow mindsets, habits, attitudes and even aptitudes.

Sounds good, right?

Well, there’s the thing. If used wrongly, your Garden (a.k.a mind) can also be used to grow bad mindsets, bad habits, bad attitudes, and negativity. You want to avoid that.

The key word here is grow. As the owner of your mind, it’s your full responsibility to grow the right things in your Garden. You can’t outsource this job to anyone else.

garden grape

Imagine you grow grapes in your physical garden. Your physical garden is extremely conducive for grapes, and you take great care of them all the time. Your grapes will probably have good quality, and you’re probably proud of them.

These grapes absorb the right water and nutrients, so they are rich and juicy. These grapes will then produce seed, reproduce and tend to spread its population in the garden. All you need to do is to make sure your physical garden is conducive for the grapes to grow and reproduce.

On the contrary, if your garden is left unattended, weeds will take its free spot in it. Its growth can be rapid. Once it takes over your garden, you’ll find it hard to clear them completely. To be worse, the weeds are notoriously good at destroying your garden.

A garden occupied by weeds is ugly…You know you don’t want that.

Garden: Your mind.

Grapes: The good mindsets, good habits, good attitudes and good aptitudes.

Weeds: The bad mindsets, bad habits, bad attitudes and bad aptitudes.

The way your mind grows is similar to the physical garden. And I’d like to call your mind the Garden. Your mind is not static. It’s constantly growing by feeding on the thoughts you generate and mindsets you cultivate. If you cultivate good mindsets and habits (the Grapes), they will flourish in your mind (the Garden).

Cultivate your mind, and it will often blossom beyond your expectation.

All you have to do is to take good care your Garden consistently. Make sure it’s conducive to the growth of Grapes and prevent any weeds from growing there, because you know they may grow uncontrollably and are hard to eradicate. It takes work, but it’s worth the effort. The journey can be fulfilling as well.


  • Garden: Your mind.
  • Grapes: The good mindsets, good habits, good attitudes and good aptitudes.
  • Weeds: The bad mindsets, bad habits, bad attitudes and bad aptitudes.

As long as your Garden is grape-friendly, you will definitely reap its benefits someday.

  • You can pluck the grapes and savor them. (Rich internal life)
  • You can attract other grape-lovers. (Like-minded people)
  • You can sell grapes for extra income. (Being resourceful and adding value to the world)
  • You can share the grapes with people you love. (Sharing knowledge, experience and wisdom)
  • You can walk around your Garden whenever you feel like it. (Productive breaks, meaningful pauses)
  • You can plant and grow the newly produced grape seeds, again and again (Compounding growth)

Now you’re probably thinking, “This is awesome. I want a Garden like this!”

And the good news is, yes you can, as long as you take great care of your mind.

Supply your mind with good mindsets as well as habits. Consistently.

And believe that the Grapes will grow…because it will.

Currently, my Garden is far from perfect. But I’m working on it daily, happily.

At least I can see some Grapes in it. They’re growing steadily. I’m constantly taking good care of it and planting the right seeds in it.

Someday, I’ll bring you to my beautiful Garden (if you wish to). We can walk around and have a warm evening tea there.

grape garden2

Or even better, I can visit yours too. 😉


Together we improve,
Dylan Woon

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