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A day of sickness reminded me about living

A day of sickness reminded me about living. Hopefully my sickness would remind you about living too. Today, I was supposed to work on a number of important tasks. I had scheduled my entire Thursday to be productive. Then, fever hit me (probably caused by variable weather and some food). The whole day was gone. […]

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Not into personal development? Are you sure?

The paradox is that, when you take personal development seriously enough, it becomes something fun and meaningful. Your health, relationships and wealth will flourish. Personal development isn’t something airy-fairy. It’s extremely practical and inherent in our lives. A fetus in the womb develops his body parts. A toddler develops his speaking and coordination abilities. A […]

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Why do I write publicly? Two Reasons.


I’m writing publicly to share valuable content with you, and to hold myself accountable in creating the meaningful life I want. #REASON 1: To share valuable content with you. We all know this — In this Information Age, we are never short of information. However, transforming those information into solid wisdom and applying them in […]

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