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The only person you can rely on

It seems like everyone out there is trying to help you. To make you rich. “I can make you rich. As soon as you deposit X amount of money into my account, a solid return of 20% will be guaranteed.” To make you fit. “I can help you get six-pack. Buy this product with just RM999 and […]

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Don’t be inspired only. Be Inspirational too

It’s easy to be inspired these days. Google “inspiration” and you get millions of results. Look for “inspiration” hashtag in Instagram and you’ll see 71,416,437 posts. (Yes, I just did that. 71 million!) Consuming all those suggest contents can take a lifetime or more, leaving people utterly inspired. AND PARALYZED. Because they’re enjoying the dopamine […]

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It’s rarely a straight line…

It’s rarely a straight line… You’re driving to Kuala Lumpur, and your GPS says “keep STRAIGHT for 20 km and you’ll reach your destination”. Would you keep your vehicle moving in a complete STRAIGHT line? You certainly wouldn’t. In fact, no one would. Why? Because you know it’s rarely a STRAIGHT line, even though the GPS […]

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