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The only person you can rely on

It seems like everyone out there is trying to help you.

To make you rich. “I can make you rich. As soon as you deposit X amount of money into my account, a solid return of 20% will be guaranteed.”

To make you fit. “I can help you get six-pack. Buy this product with just RM999 and see the effects yourself. “

To make you look good. “I can make you look good with one simple step. This product right here (only RM1499), will instantly turn you into the coolest man in the world.”

To make you happy. “You deserve to be happy, and I’m here to make it happen for you. Take this superb vacation package to unlock your true happiness. 4D3N luxury resort for 2 pax with only RM2299.”

Or whatnot.

It appears as if we can rely on external people to improve our lives and life will be good.

Are they scams?

Well, many are (sadly). Some aren’t. I can’t tell for sure.

Many products/schemes aim to rip off your money. If you’re not prudent enough, you may fall into their traps easily.

At the same, some products/schemes are trustworthy, value-adding and worth-investing. No doubt about that.

It’s impractical to over-generalize here. You’ll be able to differentiate the good from the bad as your experience and awareness improve.


In some ways, yes, they are trying to help you.

But don’t forget that most of the time, they’re also helping themselves.

If they’re not helping themselves in the process, they probably won’t “help” you too.

Here’s the thing…

Whether outsiders can help you or not, it’s secondary to your self-reliance.

Even though people out there can help you get rich, your spending habits may you drag to down to your starting point in no time.

People out there can help you get fit, yet it’s your lifestyle that ultimately determines your level of health in the long run.

No matter how people out there can make you look good, you can still suffer from low self-esteem if you don’t improve your own psychology.

And so on…

A bird sitting on a tree is never afraid of the branch breaking, because her trust is not on the branch but on its own wings.

People can help you improve, but they CAN’T IMPROVE FOR YOU.

You must put in the necessary work.

You must steer your own wheel.

And of course, you must own your life with full responsibility.

Be self-reliant.

Before you leverage others’ help or resources, you must first rely on yourself.

Because in the long run, the only person you can truly rely on is yourself.

And no one else…



Together we improve,
Dylan Woon




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